She even voiced her concerns that her decision could end her career, saying that if that were to happen ‘then so be it’.

Sinead revealed that she is beginning her treatment next week, before launching on a quick Twitter tirade about ‘what a complete t**t Trump is’.

She penned: ‘Treatment begins next week so I’ll still be posting here until then. Mostly about what a complete t**t Trump is. and the way he’s way too stupid to not be clever.

‘They may also just have Putin openly responsible for America since he’s been running it for four years anyway.’

The musician assured her fans that her memoir remains being released next year as she had originally planned and can be promoting her new venture online. Visit Here To Read the latest Celebrity, business articles.

Sinead’s psychological state issues are well documented over the years and she or he often uses social media as a sounding board for her woes.

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