DEWALT DCV581H Cordless Shop Vac Review

The DEWalt cordless wet dry shop vac is one of the best small shop vacuums for commercial as well as residential use. It comes with a powerful rechargeable motor. Super compact. Small to carry.

The DeWalt DCV581H is equipped with an electronic speed control. A built in filter prevents dust and debris from collecting in the motor. This is a good feature especially for shops with multiple outlets or places where dirt is constantly coming into the shop vacuum cleaner.


The built in filter can be used to clean spills on floors or other surfaces. This is a convenient way to protect your floors while cleaning with the DeWalt DCV581H. With the 2-gallon capacity, there’s no need to add any additional bags. It is also ideal for small applications as a surface cleaner for cars, boats and even furniture.


The second feature, the shop vacuum comes with is a cordless/ rechargeable power cord. The cordless power cord helps to prevent the cord from getting tangled up with other wires. The 2-gallon system allows for the maximum cleaning power of its class. This is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which gives the shop vacuum an effective power boost for larger jobs. The 2-gallon system is ideal for large areas because it is powerful enough to remove the debris from corners, but not powerful enough to clean out deep corners.


With all the features this unit has, it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular units on the market. Other features include wet dry vacuum cleaners with interchangeable heads, a unique warranty, and easy maintenance. Another great benefit to this unit is that it comes with two hose extensions for attachment to various workbenches and cabinets. It also has a quick-drying agent and pre-moistened cushion that make cleaning easier. In addition, the default dcv581h is an affordable unit that can be purchased at any store that sells shop vacuums.

The default dcv 580h vac cleaner has a wet dry vacuum feature that is ideal for cleaning tile, grout and other hard to reach areas. The wet dry vacuum feature allows the customer to clean hard to reach areas such as above your head, the top of your ceiling and along the edges of shelves. The suction power of the unit is excellent and allows for superior removal of dirt and debris. It also has two hose extensions which allow the extension heads to work in tight spaces.

The two-gallon tank allows the cleaning solutions to remain at the appropriate moisture level, preventing damage to the surfaces while the vacuum is in use. Also available in two different attachments is the handy tool for floating floor tiles. The tool allows for complete coverage of an entire floor and eliminates the need for tools that may become damaged during transportation.

Other accessories include the flexible hose and crevice tool. The flexible hose allows you to reach tight spaces, including those that are difficult to reach or even impossible to clean by hand. The crevice tool is designed to be used in high traffic areas, including around desks and computers where you can easily damage a vacuum cleaner. With the various accessories and attachments, the SHOP Vacuum will continue to perform at high levels throughout your home.

Wet/dry Vacuum

One accessory that is absolutely essential is the wet-dry-dry vacuum type. If you have pets, then it is essential that you have this accessory so that you can clean up after the pet. The wet-dry-dry vacuum type cleans up just as well as the other accessories, but it is especially helpful when using it in areas that are hard to reach with a normal vacuum type cleaner.

One more accessory for your Milwaukee SHOP VACUUM includes the Milwaukee Power Tool cordless vacuum. It has all the same features as the other appliances, including the wet-dry-dry capabilities. This cordless vacuum has a powerful motor that can move a full length of hose at one time. The battery life of this cordless vacuum is about four hours, which is adequate for most jobs. One other great feature is that this vacuum has a two-year warranty.


A shop vac is an essential device for the person who has to do a lot of carpet cleaning in their home. However, if you use the wrong product or buy the wrong brand, you may end up with a machine that does not work well and leaves you with a lot of dirt. It is important that you buy the best cordless shop vac for your home so that you don’t have to worry about doing any damage to your carpets. To learn more about the various types of shop vacs as well as how to use them, log onto the internet and do some research.

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